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The Pro Nature Group provides effective solutions for your business; providing you with products that enhance your business. We provide solutions for everyday tasks as well as the unexpected. We strive to ensure our products and services meet your changing needs, and continually look to improve product selection, quality, and designs based on feedback by being flexible and innovative.   

We have developed relationships with manufacturers, locally and internationally, to provide you cost effective, quality solutions for your business needs. The Pro Nature Group is based in  Auckland, and distributes product throughout New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region.


Pro Nature Products is the wholesale brand manager of several well known brands avaliable in various outlets throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We are committed to supplying cleaning, hygiene, and pacakging products so that the clients recieve the best products at the best pricing, and provides great service to those clients in the form of cleaning and hygiene advise.The products it supplies meet high environmental standards expected in the New Zealand market.

Peria Products is a distributor of high quality New Zealand nutritional health and wellness products.Our product range includes nutritional products such as infant formula, skin care, milk powder, honey,natural supplements and wine.

Environmental statement:

Pro Nature is committed to working with our manufacturers and customers to maintain and preserve the earth's natural resources. By raising environmental awareness, offering products that have less environmental impact, and developing programs to reduce waste, we aim to incorporate environmentally responsible activities into our daily lives.

We endeavour to provide solutions that have a lower impact on the environment; such as using recovered consummer paper products, using recycled and recyclable packaging where appropriate, using products that break down in the environment, and products that have a lesser harmful impact on the people using them, while maintaining quality results.


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