About Us


We believe having great products is not enough. We aim to offer products and services that are the best in our industry at a cost competitive price. We aim to offer service levels that assist your business to achieve its best, and every staff member is empowered to "do the right thing" for the customers. We are flexible enough to ensure that your business receives the right product for the job. The company is based on a "can do" attitude and we continue to hold on to the same principles and values that have guided the company from its inception.


Our responsibility lies in doing the best for our staff, our shareholders, our customers, and our environment. We strive to bring these responsibilities into balance. Our goal in all our business units is to grow them strong and profitable so that we can support our social responsibilities of making a great working community.Some of our profits support the charity work of Brighthope World. Click on the logo link to find out more.



We are located in:

  AUCKLAND, New Zealand.



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