La Mai Coffee

‘La Mai is a smooth, sweet coffee ideal for Kiwi palates’ – Coffee Worx, Christchurch.


‘Thailand was not known for good coffee till La Mai came on the scene.   Single handedly they have given the country a great name.  La Mai has both a high body and a lack of acidity leaving a nice full flavours in the back of the mouth’. – Mark Pearce Cleanskin Coffee Co Brisbane, Australia.


‘The story is special and the coffee is great.  We have a growing customer base who request La Mai only’, Café Agora Hamilton.

 200 gm and 1 Kilo packs of Lamai fresh NZ roasted coffee beans - with a choice of:
*     coffee beans
*     medium ground for plungers
*     fine ground for espresso machines

The Story:

The North of Thailand grows some of the best opium poppies in the world.  The growers of this opium are not the ones who benefit from the profits of this industry.  In fact, these growers often feel forced to sell their daughters into a life of prostitution in order to provide for the rest of the family.  Bright Hope has partnered with Thai co-operatives to help these growers convert to coffee growing. 

Buying La Mai coffee helps Bright Hope World to work among these people, lifting their incomes so that selling their daughters isn't necessary for them to survive.  In partnership with Thai people who care, we do more.  Bright Hope takes the profits from this sale (they don't pay themselves wages) and they put it into education and up-skilling young girls before the scouts get to their families and they give them a future. 

They need your help.  By buying La Mai coffee you are making a difference.  ALL of the profit goes back into Thailand to rescue trapped girls and prevent the next generation getting involved.

You get a great Coffee while supporting people get out of the poverty trap.



"Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" Turkish Proverb